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Dating Woes

That last post was pretty short. And so is this one. Two in one day…

The other day my therapist and I were talking about my poor dating choices. Why I continue to get into relationships with abusive men. And how to avoid doing that in the future. She told me that she once heard a story that she felt applied to me.

The best thing that I could do is go to a party. Find the guy that I am the most interested in and attracted to. And then go out with the guy standing behind him.

JM and I were talking about this and she agreed with that statement. She said she isn’t going to pursue another person ever again. She is going to wait for someone to be interested in her and let them make all the moves and put in the effort.

But what if that never happens for me? It might not…


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  1. Haha I like that– pick the guy standing behind him. Man.. I have picked poorly EVERY SINGLE TIME until the last time and he just barely got his foot in the door… I mean, barely. I tried to shut him down so many times… I’m glad he was persistent because I can’t imagine what stupid disasters I would have let myself into if I hadn’t been with him all this year!
    That being said… I think it’s good to let men put in the effort. You have to realize there will always be douchebags and they will always try to get “in” if you let them… Learning to kick them out is the first step, waiting on a non-DB is the next! They’re out there… just one step more visible than unicorns…

    • I’m right there with you. Every dating choice I’ve ever made has been awful. That’s why I’ve been so hesitant to get back out there again. As I think I have posted over and over again on this blog.


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